I am a Newb.

Starting out the first blog post with a bang! I am a newb. The term “newb” or  “noob” is a term that describes someone who is inexperienced at something. It’s used often in gaming. I am a graphic design newb — a designewb. See what a I did there?

The term often carries a stigma and is often used to mock beginners; however, my use is slightly different. When I call myself a newb, I am being critical of myself. I’m not using it in a derogatory manner; although, it is mostly perceived as offensive, depending on who you ask. It’s an accurate self assessment of my current abilities and skills. Short and simple: I don’t know a lot about graphic design.

Being a newb can be frustrating. I know. I’m there right now. There’s so many things you want to know and even more things you want to do. Often times, the biggest question is : how? How do I make this effect? How can I make this pattern in Illustrator? How is so and so done? But, even before that there’s: what? and which? and where? What’s the difference between this file type and that file type? Which program works better? Where can I find this tool? With all these questions: where do you even start? It can be hectic with all these questions. But, being a newb can also be good. I see it as an opportunity to improve, to learn more, to grow, and to play.

So, what do I want to learn?

1. Design Software – Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

I’m familiar with all three programs. Indesign is great for organizing text and images/ graphics on a document. Illustrator is good for making logos, graphics, icons, etc. Illustrator creates vector artwork. I don’t know how to explain it; but, it means that the quality of the image won’t change no matter how much you scale it up or down. Photoshop is good for editing photographs. It creates raster images. I don’t know what that means; but, basically when scaled up or down, quality is affected. When an image is scaled up, it gets pixelated, resulting in a loss of quality and clearness.

What do I want to learn? What’s the goal?

I have working knowledge of most of the tools. I want to learn more about the software. I have used it for small projects; but, there’s so much I don’t know. I also want to be able to explain the difference between raster and vector better, so I don’t sound like a total newb. There is no set end goal. I want to learn as much as I can and be efficient at it.

How do I plan on accomplishing this goal?

Practice. Review tutorials and read more about it.


I’m familiar with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). I learned basic HTML back in high school and I know most of the tags and their use. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), on the other hand, is something that is completely foreign to me. I know it’s used to make the HTML display properly; but, beyond that, I know nothing about it.

What do I want to learn? What’s the goal?

I want to learn more about HTML and specifically the newer tags for HTML5. I want to understand how CSS works and learn about how to make them. There is no end goal. I want to learn as much as I can; however, I want to know the basics of CSS by a couple months.

How do I plan on accomplishing this goal?

I recently purchased a book about HTML/CSS. Also, I know there are online tutorials available as well as course sites. I’ll be going through them and practicing.

3. Other

There’s a bunch of other concepts I want to know more about. Theory and Design history is a big topic. I’m taking a history class on design this Spring semester, so that will come in handy. I want to improve on hand lettering as well. I want to know more about hardware, coding, photography, communication, and business. There’s a lot to go through and I’m extremely overwhelmed and excited.

Summary of Skills

Design Software : newb

HTML/ CSS : newb

Everything else : newb


I’m a design newb. There’s a lot of things I want to learn and improve. I’m not sure about the format or anything; but, I hope this is exciting for you as it is for me. If you’re here to learn about becoming a better designer, then you came to the wrong place.

Welcome to my design blog, a blog about design by someone who doesn’t know design all that well.